How does the team use money collected from Team Fund Raising activities?

  • Scholarships - we have been providing scholarships to seniors every year since the inception of the team.  The scholarships range from $500 to $1000, based on the athlete meeting scholarship requirements.
  • Camping - camping has its expenses, as you know.  There is food, drinks, fees, equipment, propane, etc.  Camping is one of our expenses that we try to go all out on, because this is the heart of our team. It is what builds life long experiences and relationships.
  • Coach fees - Coaches are asked to do a lot, we have coaching expenses, such as registration fees, first aid, CPR, as well as other training required by the league, and the coaches get a jersey
  • Sponsorships - we sponsor athletes that want to be on the team, but their parents can not afford it for one reason or another.
  • Equipment - we need to have a supply on hand of first aid equipment, bike tools/equipment and repair parts.  We go through a lot of tubes and air. It is required that each athlete have that equipment, but most don’t carry it.
  • Trail maintenance - we have a large team, we use these trails a lot. We have a responsibility to maintain the trails.
  • All and all, the teams funds are used primarily for scholarships, team events, and coach expenses.  Our team averages anywhere from 2 to 16 seniors each year.