LTMTB Team Code of Conduct Form

Please read the below, electronically sign, acknowledge, and click submit. You will then be automatically directed to the LTISD Code of Conduct Form.

The following code of conduct is based upon NICA’s core values of being inclusive and equal while promoting a strong body, strong mind and strong character. All student athletes must adhere to this code of conduct at ALL times when participating in Lake Travis High School Mountain Bike team activities. Please read, understand, and agree to the LTHS MTB Team Code of Conduct.  By registering for the team, you are agreeing to adhere to all terms included in the code of conduct.

• Be inclusive and respectful. Never behave in any in way, which involves or could be construed as exclusive or disrespectful. The acceptance, welfare and best interests of everyone involved with the sport should be respected and promoted at all times.

• Demonstrate strong character and sportsmanship/sportswomanship. Always act with honesty and integrity in all interactions with those involved with the sport. In particular, demonstrate good grace in winning and losing.

• Be prepared and resourceful. Always be prepared to take care of your physical and cycling needs in order that you can ride and return to the trailhead safely. Always carry appropriate water, nutrition and basic bike repair supplies. Always be in a position to help others who may not be as prepared.

• Wear a helmet at all times. Under no circumstances should a student athlete be on a bike without a helmet securely fastened to their head.

• Never take risks. Student athletes that have a risk-taking attitude or are witnessed to take risks will not be tolerated. A risk is defined as willingly attempting anything which is beyond one’s ability to control in a safe manner.

• Always yield to other trail users. Be sensitive to how others perceive you to assure a positive image for the sport and minimize the restrictions that follow confrontations and negative encounters.

• Ride only on authorized trails and minimize impacts. Stay off trails that are closed to bicycles. Exercise the practice of minimum impact wilderness use to be responsible off-road cyclists. Take only pictures.

• When camping at Team events and races, all student athletes must be accompanied by a parent, or another athlete’s parent who has taken responsibility for that student athlete. Absolutely no co-ed tent sharing.

• The use and consumption of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.


Team Practices & Activities: Official practice starts on Saturday December 3, 2022.